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Friday, April 5, 2013

Finding Joy in Death

I just attended a funeral for my fiancée's grandmother, her Dad's mom. Her dad's parents are both deceased and makes things quite difficult for him especially around the holidays. I didn't attend the viewing because I was so busy and stressed out with work, school, and life in general. It was very hard on my fiancée because she wanted me there to support her. As I listened as she told me stories about her grandmother, I was thinking during the moments of silence about a Christian's perspective of death. We look at death so negative when we should look at it in a positive light! Granted, I am speaking solely about those who die that are saved.

I am excited to go to heaven! I really am! I cannot wait to see my loved ones and experience the joys of heaven! Lauren's grandmother was saved, thankfully, and as we were talking I brought it up to her saying that she is in heaven free of pain, sickness, or worry. Lauren smiled and held back tears as we talked further about the subject.

When I attended the funeral, I heard so many good and wonderful things Lauren's grandmother had done. How many people she had touched with her doing so much for them and how much she loved the Lord and encouraged everyone to do the same. Yes, we were all sad that she passed but to look at her life in a positive light and rejoicing with her as she is in heaven made it less painful. It was really a blessing to see people from Lauren's church there to comfort the family. As the service ended, I was selected to be a pallbearer, which was a deep honor. I was given instructions on what to do before the service. There were 6 of us carrying the casket to the hearse and then we drove to the burial site. I think this is when the realization of everything set in to everyone. We were burying a loved one.

A final prayer for her and her family was said and we stuck around while the workers lowered her into the grave. It was a solemn moment for all but something changed in everyone. Everyone was not only relieved but they also talked about what a blessing it was that she was gone not in a bad light but like I said, really rejoicing that she was free! Almost everyone was praising the Lord and praying and thanking God after the burial. It was truly a sobering and wonderful experience.

My fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, for those who have lost someone dear, be sad, yes, but also know that they are in the arms of Jesus, free of pain and suffering. I don't know if they look down at us and watch over us as we speculate about this act but I do know that they are rejoicing and praising God. Rejoice with them, my fellow Christians, in tears and in laughter.

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