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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Getting Spiritual Satisfaction

So, I work at a local hospital and between school and work, I really don't have a lot of time to spare believe it or not. I struggle to hang out with my fiancée and balance out doing extra curricular activities and making everyone happy. Very difficult to say the lease to balance my time. I have been getting burned out spiritually, which is very frustrating and I don't want to do anything much less anything about it because I'm too lazy, which is human nature and very sad.

Well, I picked up 2 days on days at work and it was a huge change because I work nights. I was running around, making sure everyone was set up for meals, got people washed up, discharged patients from the hospital, etc. Very busy! There was one patient in particular who was very sweet. She was in her late 80s and just all around sweet. I remember this lady in particular because of how nice she was. In fact, she was so pleasant that she gave me joy and happiness that I directed towards the other patients making me WANT to take care of them better!

This lady was not a Christian as far as I know but she was used by God to show me that no matter what I do, I need to do it all for the glory of God! I had the opportunity, on my second day of picking up, to give away some of my patients. I asked to keep them and everyone thought I was crazy in the head! Yes, I was crazy but after that lady gave me the push I needed, I didn't want to give them up! I was so very happy because I was able to share the love of Christ with my patients. I was able to share my experiences with them and even witness to a few. What a blessing it is to talk about Christ.

It's still difficult especially now that I'm at work on break. I find my brain wandering and people's music and TVs blaring so it's hard to concentrate on God. Ultimately, you will find satisfaction in God by reading His word and when you continually seek Him. It's not something that can happen over night or in a day, month, or year. If you are completely satisfied with where you are spiritually, well, I have news for you, there's something wrong. Never be spiritually satisfied or you'll be in a spiritual rut, which is never a good thing!

I encourage each and every one of you to really seek God this year. Never be satisfied with your spiritual life. Continue to dig deep in to His word, memorize scripture, and keep on praying and thanking Him for every day! There is no formula for being spiritually satisfied with life but seeking Him is a great start.